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Keeping Good Company

The UCO incubator space, The Catbird Seat, is located near the center point of downtown Oklahoma City, offering affordability with a prestigious downtown office location and address.  We offer an ideal environment where your business will have a downtown address and location while still maintaining very low overhead.  We are looking for a company who is either ready to put their plan into action by starting their small business or ready to move their home-based business downtown. 

The businesses needs to be Oklahoma owned and operated.

We are not seeking clients that are branch offices of either in-state or out of state companies.  Our ideal client is one that has been in business for a year or more in a home-based situation and is taking that first step out into a commercial space. 

We are not just an office building with space to rent.

All tenants become UCO Customized Education clients, so we look for a match of a company willing to have advisors and take advice.  Also, because our UCO CE consulting team is also located in the incubator, each tenant is a "business roommate" and we look for compatibility with our needs as well.  After seeing the space and an interview, each party will need time to see if it is the right match or not.  

As part of that interview process, we will want to see tax returns and financial information on the company, credit history on the principals, business plan and may request other information as needed.

Facilities and Pricing

One Santa Fe Plaza is located on the first floor of the Santa Fe Parking Garage. It is owned by a City of Oklahoma City Trust - COTPA (Central Oklahoma Transportation Parking Authority). UCO Customized Education branch offices are located in a suite off the reception/lobby area of the entire 5,000 sf space. The Catbird Seat space takes approximately 1,100 sf with six separate tenant offices. 

Monthly Tenant Pricing

Regular Office 124 square feet  Rental rate is $475/month (4 offered; 2 available) 
Five Plex Office384 square feet Rental rate is $850/month (1 offered and is available)
Quadruple Suite600 square feet Rental Rate $1,200/monthly (1 offered, 0 available)
Company Suite1,200 square feetRental rate is $14,400 (1 available) 

Company Suite includes 3 large offices; 2 offices with full window views·        
Company Suite includes reception area with reception desk and soft seating for guests·        
Company Suite has storage closet/workroom·        
Company Suite has prime visibility at the corner of EK Gaylord and Main Street·        
Company Suite has a minimum six-month lease and options to continue month-to-month after the six-month term under joint agreement

All spaces include restrooms, break room, and scheduled conference room access. 

Lease includes:

  • Utilities
  • Janitorial services

Lease does not include:

  • Parking
  • Phone
  • Internet 
  • Supplies

Please contact us for special pricing on parking, phone and internet services.  There is also ample metered street parking and hourly rate parking for tenant guests.

Lease Terms and Payments

We recognize the problems for both tenant and landlord with long term leases. Unlike a landlord/tenant relationship, when it's time to expand your business and move to your own space, we'll be almost as thrilled as you! We have one year leases, but their primary purpose is to lock in a rental rate for the entire year. To maintain the flexibility small businesses need, there is a 30 day out on the side of either party. 

However, it is not good for your business nor for ours for rapid turnover.  That is why we go through an interview and application process before move in.  It has to be the right fit for your company and for us.

Leases are paid for monthly and will be charged to a credit card. The University of Central Oklahomacan accept Visa, MC or Discover. The UCO CE hours are from 8:00am - 5:00pm, but tenants will have keys to the north entrance for 24/7 access to their office.

The Icing on the Cake - Oklahoma Income Tax Exemption

Affordable space, individualized consultation, in Downtown Oklahoma City - if that weren't enough of a benefit, tenants of a certified incubator, are exempt from state tax liability on income earned as a result of activities conducted as an occupant in an incubator in accordance with rules of the Oklahoma Tax Commission. 

While we anticipate that your company will grow enough to move out within three to six years, this tax exemption has the possibility of going with you. Generally, you may receive the exemption for up to five years, and there are certain conditions where it could extend to 10 years.  The Catbird Seat is a member of the Oklahoma Business Incubator Association.

Interested?  Contact Us.

To find out more about becoming a Catbird Seat company call Karen Youngblood, Executive Director of Customized Education at 405-974-5599.

Please be prepared to provide tax returns and financial statements on the company and principals, a business plan for the company, credit scores and reports on company principals.