Downtown at the University of Central Oklahoma | One Santa Fe Plaza | Oklahoma City, OK | 405.232.1968 |

Here are the companies that are currently located in The Catbird Seat.

Martin Bionics - Suite 101

Skyber - Drake Scifers and Dane Gasio - Suite 102

Skyber is a wireless internet service provider seeking to provide rural America with the internet speeds and service available in major cities. Over 55 million Americans lack access to 25mbps download speeds. Through massive advances in technology, internet service can be provided wirelessly. Skyber’s first network will be in Weatherford, OK. Download speeds in Weatherford start at 35 mbps which is faster than the fastest speed offered by our competitors.

Contact Drake Scifers at 405-323-2720 or email. Visit their website for more information.

Rehash  - Suite 104

Rehash helps driven brands reach their potential through thoughtful design, superior technology, with great training and support. From design and development of custom ecommerce products and tools to complete retail store buildouts, Rehash has a proven track record of helping clients succeed in the world of commerce.

JTC Trades Development  - Suite 105

The Nations Premier Developer of Working Skilled Tradesmen

We are a team of dedicated craftsmen who specialize in supplementing commercial general contractors’ skilled tradesmen needs while simultaneously building careers for our employees. Since 2007, we have aspired to be the best provider of superior skilled tradesmen to medium and large commercial general contractors in Oklahoma. In this short amount of time we have implemented a sense of excellence, raising the bar and setting the new standard for an industry that has struggled with productivity. We use a unique system designed to allow motivated individuals who desire to prove their work ethic with a fast way to gain experience while supplying valuable manpower to our clients.

Visit their website to know more about the outstanding program they offer employers and employees, their guaranty and innovating dashboard for finding the right employee.  Call or email Jason Thomas and his team at 405-601-4848.  Se habla Español.